Your private magic inspiration music box!

Laboratory of Virtual Based Sound explorer (LvBsX) Proudly presents

Virtual Music Composer

How to became a music composer with inspiration???
Let software help you!!!

Observing the entire history of music composing we have come to several questions that are for sure interesting and many people wonder about them:


Can we give a definition and imitate the process of creating "good music composition"?


If we turn millions of existing tones into numbers, can we find some patterns?


Do you think there is a connection between music and mathematics and can books on theory of composition be turned into algorithms?


Can a "music inspiration" software be created?

What you need for a new song? That's easy question: new composition, new lyrics and arrangement .

What you need for a new composition? New idea? Inspiration? Silence? Let's face the problem:


You can wait new idea for a long time


After few seconds your new melody looks like existing and well known song


If you don't have results after five or ten minutes everything you can do is practicing playing the instrument


If you didn't write it down it is gone with the wind

things we do

and how well we do them!

The Problem...

... and The Solutoin

There are many applications to help you when you have good idea: audio editors, samplers, VST plugins, .., But, is there any application to help you against lack of inspiration? That's category that needs to be invented or reinvented.

Back in year 2004 we started to translate composing theory to algorithms. We made numeric analysis of thousand and thousand songs. We spent hundreds of hours listening and improving application. And we think we have the cure for lack of inspiration. It's natural. It's application.

And the results are amazing and scaring.

About us...

... and our passion.

Researching since 2003
Programming since 2004
Year of first release 2005
Versions released 4
Working on version 5? YES!

Your private magic inspiration music box

packed in an application!

Have questions?

We can answer!

Are you using predefined parts of song?


Every song is unique and Virtual Music Composer made it from tones, not predefined loops.

What to do when I hear good leitmotif?

Just few steps...

Save it. Take MIDI file. Choose instruments, determine tempo of a song: give it the personal touch!

How can I use VMC output?

As you wish:

For your new song, music background for your video, exhibits, fashion shows, theatre play, etc. Whenever you need royalty free theme you can use Virtual Music Composer.

What about copyright?


OK, we'll answer this question: we promise that Virtual Music Composer will never ask for copyright!